Behold my website airship utopia wherein I will create / explain / reveal / illustrate how a new and superior civilization may be achieved. The core of this new civilization, at the core of it, I propose will be airships, airships as the basis of transportation.  I will illustrate what I propose in my new novel (presented in these pages) Airship Utopia a fictional account of how such a civilization may be brought into existence, presented as an alternative history of our world (in a parallel universe) , and also, in a nonfiction commentary on the story I intend to make fiction become real - describing how our civilization may evolve into the airship utopia.

Everything is wrong, everything is flawed. Our whole civilization and everything in it should be thrown into a bonfire, an immense bonfire and destroyed, (except such a fire would create catastrophic air pollution) and then recreated new and different. 

Not all at once, and things can be recycled, recreated, restored made use of again. We should, we must recycle everything we can into good stuff, useful stuff so our bonfires do not pollute the air, and the land with slag and ashes  - and everything can be made right.

Details: To begin, roads, cars, trucks are dangerous to humans and animals and exact a constant toll of death and injury. We need something better, something safe, reasonably fast, and comfortable.  Cars should be speed limited, travel at slow speed for the safety of other cars, pedestrians, and  animals that become victims of cars.  High speed long distance travel should be assigned to other modes of transportation.

Airplanes are NOT the answer. Like cars they are dangerous to birds and the environment, require vast barren airports, create noise and pollution, and are inconvenient, not able to provide point-to-point travel.

Airships move at moderate speed and therefore birds can get out their way. They fly, allowing the surface of the earth to be left to animals, forests, landscapes uninterrupted by the affront of roads and cars. Nature can be restored, can be made pristine. Harmony between human culture and nature can be achieved.

With airships, long distance high speed roads may be eliminated, and the earth given back to nature. Short roads carrying small low speed vehicles can be used rather than highways chopping up the landscape with dangerous noisy polluting corridors. Forests, prairies, can be left uninterrupted, given back to nature, restored to the way they belong.